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This morning, Hubs told me that Steve Jobs died.

I was shocked. I didn’t even know he was sick.

As the day went on everyone seemed to be blogging about how Steve Jobs had impacted their life. I found one article which quoted a graduation speech he made at Stanford. Apparently, Steve Jobs was adopted.

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iphone apps for ikids

02.02.10 The iPhone (or any smartphone) can provide an instant learning distraction for kids. This is convenient when you’re unexpectedly stuck somewhere with nowhere to move or play such as when the bus breaks down or the train is taking longer than scheduled.

02.02.10 Here are a couple of the apps that Schäfer

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Tolkien Weekend: Born of Hope & Isildur

It’s the weekend! In celebration of the upcoming “Hobbit” movies (filming starts in February 2011), being directed by Peter Jackson, how about a break from all things China? Be warned. I’m about to get all Middle Earth on you. If you don’t know it already, I am a fan of J.R. Tolkien – the author

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There’s an indispensible app for that

In 2008, we needed to buy a new computer. I was getting bored with Windows OS and decided to learn something new. Many of our friends were raving about how great their Mac was, so we bought a fancy all-aluminum body one when it came out.

We have been pleased with our purchase.

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Kindle: The Most Gifted Item


When we were in the States last year, I made a semi-luxury purchase: I bought a Kindle.

Why “semi-luxury”? Well, it was a first generation device and consequently was relatively high-priced for what you got.

Or so I thought at the time.

In actually, I wasn’t buying a book reading device. I was

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