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48 hours after our blog coronary bypass

Previously, I mentioned that we’ve been getting complaints from the server we use that we’re taking up too much CPU. (It’s OK if you don’t know what CPU is. I don’t either.)

Something about our blog was using up way too much. Hubs unplugged every plugin. He changed themes. He danced a little dance around

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Hubs mentioned that we’ve been having some CPU issues. Basically, we’ve been using too much processing power. Sometimes different themes use different CPU amounts and it seems that in our latest theme upgrade, we selected a theme that had a great CPU usage.

I loved that theme. So clean. So simple. So zen.

Because of

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Website Work

Things will look a bit different for a week or so while I track down why our website is using too much of our hosts cpu.


Thank you for your cooperation!

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5 year blogiversary

Five years ago, Hubs wrote our first post.

This blog still is exactly what it started out to be: a glimpse…a place to capture moments…share funny stories and offer another connection point with our friends and family back home.

And since the birth of our child, it is a place for the grandparents to get

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The Great 40 gig oops of 2009

Friday Hubs: I cleaned off 40 gigs from our hard drive today when I erased some videos we’ve already uploaded on-line. Me: Great! So we’ll just store them there and when we get around to organizing all our home movies, we’ll download them and make DVD’s? Hubs: Yes! Me: Great!

Saturday I was looking at

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The Age of the Kindle

If you recall, several months ago, I took a leap and decided to order an Amazon Kindle – the latest in electronic book technology.

I’m not normally one to buy first generation products. However, one of our most missed items while living in China these past four years is English reading material. All that’s available

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