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Thank You & a Memory Keeping Question

This spring, Bruce & Erin welcomed baby Liana into their family! Despite their busy days and late nights with a newborn, Erin sent one of her famous “zip lock bag of gifts” when Kristen and I met up in late February.

This time, Erin sent something I haven’t had for 3 years… new clothes!

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Hope in the Mail

Introducing Schäfer’s first babysitter: Katie! We met long ago back when Katie was an English teacher. Katie followed her heart and dreams and she now works for Show Hope a non-profit caring for medically challenged kids in China. It has been awesome to hear Katie talk about her dreams and then to see her

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Thank you Goss family!

Tony & Mary are amongst my best friends from my college years. Though it’s been more than a decade since we’ve last seen on another, they still blessed our family with a great set of home school materials.

Thank you Tony & Mary!

Go Vandals!


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Thank you Grandma Huckleberry!

It’s been a while since we were in Idaho. Last time we were home, Sianna was crawling.

Grandma Huckleberry and Sianna (at 15 months)

This summer has been a little crazy with our cross-country move and all. Meeting for a picnic in Fort Sherman Park sounds ideal. Or we could keep it simple: sprinklers

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Thank you Jen!

This spring, Jen went traveling and came back with penguins for the girls and a hammerhead shark for Schäfer.

Around here, the littlest things are always a BIG hit.

Schäfer clipped the hammerhead shark on his backpack and took it to school everyday.

For Mother’s Day, Jen gave me this framed poster

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Sending Love to Shellyn

This spring we had a very unexpected guest… Shellyn surprised us with a visit. When she walked in the house, I literally had a mental time-warp moment where I thought it was summer 2011 instead of spring 2012. Of course, Shellyn’s visit was too short and too fast, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

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