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How to Drop a Decade

Grizzly Adams

Prior to our trip down to warmer climes, I decided that a shave was necessary. As always, I try to have a little fun when shaving, usually resulting in Sandra unable to look at the “strange man with the strange beard.”

What’s your favorite style?

Lord Kleinert

How to Drop a Decade]

Preschool Sports Day

On Saturday (10.22), the 2011 preschool sports day had arrived. All the students and family members of the Olive Class were requested to wear red. We represented.

The students (and one cheerleader) waited for the events to begin!

After the mandatory speeches by the principal, random father, random student and random teacher,

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Happy Dog Park

On Tuesday, 05.31, the preschool hosted the annual Children’s Day performance. This performance is a BIG DEAL and the students have been preparing all spring semester.

The preschool had the performance a day early because they are taking Children’s Day (June 1st) as a holiday.

Just like all the parents, we came to

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a year later

A year ago we moved.

Hubs and I have different perspectives on how the last year has gone.

For me, it’s been tough.

To tell you the truth, it’s still hard to swallow.

Life here is so different. Yes, there’s been a change in urban sprawl, but there’s also been a change in our family.

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Goodnight Moon

Back when I first started reading to Schäfer, I started singing books to him. I’m not sure why. It was probably a need for variety after reading something for the 10 dozenth time. Regardless, I had fun playing with various genres from Jazz to Rap and anything in between.

Goodnight Moon sounded like a country

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The Popcorn Cannon

On November 30th, on my way home from the university, I came upon a man using an old fashioned pressure cooker over an open fire. After a couple of minutes the man tilted the cooker off the fire, pointed it into a large canvas bag and flipped the lever releasing the lid. The pressure cooker

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