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Dragon Pot Soup

Inside this dragon, is a most tasty soup.

Such an interesting crock-pot-type-of-serving-bowl.

A hot, dragon soup on a cold day. Perfect!

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Tujia Flat Bread

Long before the bubble tea and yogurt bar fads swept through Yichang, Tujia Flat bread stands were popping up everywhere. It’s essentially a baked/fried bread with a little meat and hot spices on top. I’ve tried many, but have only found a few that weren’t sopping in oil.

Hot out of the oven

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Historic Yichang

You’ve traveled with us to Beijing and other ancient sites in China. What ancient sites are there in Yichang do you say? Unfortunately not much.

This excerpt from The Three Gorges and the Upper Yangzi travel guide explains it well:

Disappointingly, there seems to be almost no historic structures remaining, along the waterfront, from the

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Yichang Hutongs

Small buildings with inviting alleyways, entice me to begin an adventure.

Into an older… quiet… slower China.

Traditional gateways send parents to work and children to school.

These same gateways welcome families home.

In a busy city where my friends are buying new apartments, flat screen tv’s and SUV’s, I

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Chinese New Year Decorations at Walmart

Walmart is ready to ring in the Year of the Tiger.

And really, who wouldn’t want a giant stuffed Tiger to welcome guests for the New Year?

The character “fu” means blessing. It’s popular to hang these signs upside down on the door to express, “The blessing has arrived.”

Friends and

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Picking up our Central Heating Conversation

In January ’08, we had a nice little conversation about the lack of central heating. I called it The Yellow River Rule because I had heard (and still hear it said) that The Powers That Be provide heating for the country North of the Yellow River.

I was quickly challenged that The Powers That Be

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