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How to Make Mozzarella

So. You’re in a mood for some romance. And who isn’t? You decide to surprise your lovely wife with a nice lasagna…made from scratch…with mozzarella and ricotta that you’ve made by hand.

Yes. Love is in the air. Put on the Andrea Bocelli and let’s get to the cheese making.

(Up until now we’ve made

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How to Make Yogurt Cheese / Greek Yogurt

OK, so now you know how to make yogurt. “Get to the cheese”, you say? Right on.

The next step in your cheese-making adventures is, naturally: yogurt cheese. This is also known as Greek Yogurt or Dahi (India) or Lebneh (Middle East) or Jocoque (Mexico). It has the consistency of a soft cheese, but the

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How to Make Yogurt / Probiotic Yogurt

Yogurt. Yoghurt. Yogourt.

However you want to spell it, it is a wonderful thing.

I want to teach you to make it. That’s right! You too can make a lush, thick, creamy yogurt in your own home.

Even my friends living in places where only watery “drinking yogurt” is available, you too can have the

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Pass the milk, please.

How did you know there were milk companies where you lived? While catching up on all we missed last fall, Sandra’s friend told her about the melamine findings in the milk and formula (this happened in September ’08). Apparently, two local dairy companies had no melamine findings in their milk. The next day, we went

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The Great Search for Raw Milk

As many of you well know, one of the items we brought back from the States was a cheese-making kit. We’re pretty excited about this!

However, to make cheese you need milk that hasn’t been ultra-pasteurized.

What is available in Yichang? Only ultra-pasteurized milk.

Hummm. Challenge.

So the other day, I visited two local milk

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Ricotta Cheese

Of all the foods we miss while living in China – cheese is at the top of the list.

Oh, how we miss cheese!

In the imported section of larger grocery stores, we can easily get expensive American cheese slices. At the import market, we can get a twenty pound block of frozen mozzarella.


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