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When we first moved to China, one of our first “big” purchases was a blender. We went to at least four different stores comparing prices and brand quality. Our first blender was a Philips brand. It served us well, making countless smoothies, batters, purees, sauces, soups …well, you get the drift.

We used it

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Nesting: Our Family Cookbook

There’s a small space beside the microwave that holds all my cookbooks. For a while now, I’ve been printing off recipes and placing them in the blue binder.

(Hubs: Where they’ve been growing like bowl of rising bread dough.)

Whenever I needed a recipe, I just grabbed it from the blue binder (the

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Just One Pie Crust

There are times in life when I need just one pie crust. (For a double crust go here.)

No crust top necessary.

Not baking two pies.

Don’t need to save the dough for 2 weeks.

Probably won’t make another pie within the next two weeks.

Combine: 1 1/3 cups flour 1/2 teaspoon salt Cut

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Egg Yolk Icing

After making Spitzbuben, I had an extra egg yolk sitting around so I thought I’d give egg yolk icing a try.

INGREDIENTS 1 egg yolk 4 drops red food coloring (might try 6 drops next time)

DIRECTIONS In small cup or bowl , stir the egg yolk with a small amount of food coloring.

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A Turkey Tale 2009

On our way back from Shanghai, we stopped at Metro in Wuhan and bought a mighty fine looking turkey. The price was a shocking 35.7rmb/KG ($2.38/LB). Our 15.4LB blessed turkey costs 236rmb ($34.56). Since this was our first year to buy a turkey, we didn’t mind. Plus, our friends were super excited about eating turkey

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Powdered Sugar 101

So I was needing some powdered sugar for icing, but there was none in the house. And even more fun than that – there is none in this city. I KNOW! That’s 1.4 million people who manage to survive on a day-to-day basis without icing as we know it.

And then Hubs recalled reading

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