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Creating a Summer Bucket List

Today, I felt summer passing quickly.

Maybe it was when I made our 439th strawberry/mango/banana smoothie. Or when the kids starting playing “Galapagos Marine Iguana” again.

Today, I knew these easy, slow days would not be ours forever.

Summer has been awesome so far. In June, we went to the beach, rode

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Writers Block :: Get Thee Behind Me

I stopped blogging in April 2012.

I’ve basically had writers block for 2 years and 3 months.

Yes, there was an occasional post there and there, but it was forced. There was no natural flow.

I asked Hubs to take down the blog. I told him I was done.

He told

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Mother’s Day 2014 Interview

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Schäfer 7 Sianna 4 Selah 3 Senna 1 da!da!da!

1. What is something Mommy always says to you?

Schäfer: I love you. Sianna: Clean up the books. Selah: Horse.

2. What makes Mommy happy?

Schäfer: If I say, “Yes Mommy!” and “Yes Papa!” Sianna: Reading books.

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Mother’s Day 2014

Happy Mother’s Day Schäfer 7, Sianna 4, Selah 3, Senna 1

I believe my greatest achievement today was getting a bow to stay in Senna’s hair.

Just saying.

Our day started out crazy. Well, our entire weekend was crazy because we were hosting visiting American guests. If we weren’t directly with them,

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The Foreign Wife

Having long suspected, I first noticed it at Burger King. We were in the Bangkok Airport waiting for our flight to the states. The kids were getting hungry so we decided to stop at Burger King (the “BKK BK”) for a bite to eat. I ordered my first Whopper in years, peeled back the wrapper

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Chinglish #94

About to enjoy is extremely hot. Careful, thg beverage youre.