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Views of Yichang

A panoramic view of Yichang from across the Yangtze River.

Eureka! IKEA!

On Christmas Eve, we received glad tidings of great joy: Yichang has an IKEA. No way! We were warned, “It’s small, but they can order stuff from the catalogue for you.” I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Surely a lingonberry candle was on its way!

We got directions a few days later &

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The China diet…move there.

I (Shorel) love maps. I recently borrowed a neighbor’s GPS unit to see exactly how far Sandra and I were walking on a regular basis. So, here are some fun stats for the fellow map lovers out there…

From our home (N30° 43.748, E111° 18.734, Elevation 300 ft) to where we usually eat and back

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What’s in a Name?

Sandra and I have recently chosen some Chinese names. Names are very important in many cultures, China being one of them. Often children are named for the month they were born in or given names relating to important events of the time. Regardless, names hold a great meaning.

Shorel’s name is: ??? or ?n Lì

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On The Drying Line

Chinese multitasking: Dry your fish and sausages along with your clothes.

Ode To The Pomelo

Shorel and his favorite fruit, the pomelo! Can you believe it takes him nearly a week to eat one of these?