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Wishing Tree

Wednesday was the last day of the Chinese New Year Festival (a 15 day event). On this last day, the Lantern Festival is celebrated. One of the festivities is a sort of ‘wishing tree’. You make a wish, and toss your ornament as far up into the tree as you can. The higher up

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Happy Lantern Festival 2005

At the Lantern festival there are many performances. One of them was this Chinese Opera.

There are dragon ‘races’.

A few of the many lanterns hung.

Children are given little lanterns to carry around. They’re made of paper and have little candles inside them.

Some children have electric lanterns like

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Lovely Cabbages

When in doubt, plant cabbages. Ok, I don’t know if they’re cabbages or not, but these purple and white plants are used for decoration all over campus. (They sure look tasty, though.)

A Day in the Children’s Park

Just before you enter the Children’s Park, a cotton candy man is busy at work. Yep, taste the same in China. Yum!

Also very busy at work, this lady is making fragile candy figures on a stick. She basically ‘draws’ the figure on a piece of wax paper and once dry – it’s

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Warm Motorcycle Gloves

As in many Asian cities, you can find motorcycle taxis. The great folks will, for a small fee, wisk you to your destination at breathtaking (and possibly lifetaking) speeds. If you notice, during the winter the riders have big furry gloves affixed over their handlebars to keep warm. (To my creative mind they look

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Motivational Statement

One of many signs on campus to encourage our studies.