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Class Party

The other evening we hosted a party for our fellow classmates at our apartment. We provided the snacks and spoke Chinese most of the evening to our Korean classmates. (The Caucasian beside me is from France in case you’re wondering.) Our Spoken-Chinese teacher brought her sister along. We had a good time at our

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Making Chinese Dumplings

A boy making the wraps for Chinese dumplings. We couldn’t resist getting his photo. He was so excited, but He was even more excited that we could speak some Chinese!

Two ladies making Chinese dumplings (Jiao-zi).

Water Lily

A crew came by and cleaned out the lotus pond near our apartment. Almost immediately the water lilies started blooming.

Jinan’s Spring Garden

While in Jinan, we visited on of the most famous springs in China. Welcome to Jinan’s Spring Garden.

Here the spring bubbles up in the center of the pool.

The water at the spring was pretty clear.

Canals and pools meandered through this ancient Chinese mansion located in Jinan’s Spring Garden.

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Climbing Mt. Tai

During our holiday in Shandong, Sandra and I climbed one of the five most famous mountains in China. Mt.Tai (in the far background) has more than 6500 steps winding up through a ravine to the summit. It was quite a workout for both of us!

Sandra on her way up the 6500+ steps

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Chinglish #9

While climbing Mt. Tai, we didn’t see any ‘steons’.