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Firefox Browser

The best internet browser out there. Faster than Internet Explorer, easier to use, less buggy, better security and free. What are you waiting for?

Be sure and check out the great extensions you can get. I frequently use them:

Forecastfox – The current and upcoming weather where you are Adblock Plus – To easily block

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Google Earth

I love maps. Google Earth is a mapping program that’s fantastic to play around with if you have a fast internet connection. Zoom anywhere you want on earth. See what restaurants there are near a certain point. Get directions. And so on…Fun!


This isn’t specifically a software you can download, but I highly recommend it if you’re looking to create a free webpage that’s easy to update. You can use it in combination with your own web server (as we do on our home page) for a simple way to keep things current. (Especially used with the

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A free, simple, and nice looking Calendar program. The best feature is the multiple layer support and the year calendar view. Works great. Looks fantastic!

Hello (Blogger picture posting)

Yes, it’s a simple name…Hello. But you can use this program to easily post pictures to your Blogger website.

Updated (3/18/2007): Hello is dead. Long live Picasa.


Does your laptop have wifi? Are you a little more tech minded? Have you ever wondered what the signal strength of your wifi connection was and where it could be picked up best? How about other signals you could pick up? A fun little free utility. (There’s a Pocket PC version as well.)