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Tour de China – Day 6

Location: Dengfeng, Henan, China (34.46308°N, 113.04591°E)

Mile: 398 (at bicycle club meeting)No sleeping in with this crew. At 6:30am we were up and going to breakfast before going for a walk. It was clear day, showing off the surrounding mountains, which resembled the Teton mountains in southern Idaho. The guys first wanted to climb up

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Tour de China – Day 5

Location: Dengfeng, Henan, China (34.46308°N, 113.04591°E)

Mile: 398

The last 30 miles were probably the most strenuous. All of us were worn down. We climbed more than 200 meters in a short distance. At long last, we made it to Dengfeng.

Upon going into the city, we were met by representatives of the local

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Tour de China – Day 4

Location: Ruzhao, Henan, China (34.16330°N, 112.85823°E)

Mile: 367

We lit the extra boiler today and started out at 6am. It had rained the night before so once again the black lagoon creature was riding the roads of China. Nevertheless, the weather was perfect for riding. After leaving Nanyang, we were riding through fields of corn.

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Tour de China – Day 3

Location: Nanyang, Henan, China (32.97667°N, 112.49300°E)

Mile: 256

Rain. I can deal with rain. It doesn’t mean anything but sopping shoes to me. Thankfully, it stopped raining by the time we left at 7am. However, the roads were quite muddy. (Remember the chickens in the potholes?) By the time we made it to a section

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Tour de China – Day 2

Location: Guyi, Hubei, China (32.25863°N, 112.23406°E) Mile: 182 China has a different feel in the morning. We decided to get an early start so we left by 6am. On our way out of the city, we passed by all sorts of people going to work. Farmers carrying baskets of fresh-picked vegetables. Fruit sellers setting up

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Tour de China – Day 1

Location: Jingmen, Hubei, China (31.01985°N, 112.19240°E) Mile: 80 It started at 6:30am. I rode to the meeting place for the Tour. I was the second person there. Others started showing up, including the three other tour riders. Before long, there were more than twenty bike club members. At 7am the four of us started with

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