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And by the way, we still don’t drink coffee

When Shorel and I were in grad school, we both worked at Starbucks. Neither of us are coffee drinkers. But for full medical, dental & visual insurance for only part-time work, we couldn’t resist. We became “partners” as Starbucks liked to call us.

I’ve always liked the smell of coffee. It’s the first thing

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What happens when potato chips cross borders…

In China, we can buy Lay’s Potato Chips. Here’s what we can get:

“Chinese Favorites” Flavors: (Not Kleinert favorites.)

Beijing Duck – Sure enough, if it tastes like a duck… Shacha Chicken Five Flavored Fish – Oddly, the most appetizing of the Chinese favorites. Remniscent of BBQ. Spicy Crab – Yup, spicy and crabby.


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The Kleinert Family…est. 2002

Today, my (Sandra’s) grandparents are celebrating 58 years of marriage. That’s 21,185 days of marital bliss to be exact.

Shorel and I have been married 1,229 blissful days. Life is indeed amazing.

How wonderous! The leafy sea dragon!

I love being surprised. Several years ago I ran across this fish, the leafy sea-dragon, in another aquarium and was absolutely astounded. Yes, those are all part of the sea-dragon. How incredibly complex life can be! And how can people not believe that there is a Creator when they see amazing creatures such as

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A Flood in Shanghai

We traveled to Shanghai for the week-long National Day holiday. While there, we heard that 82 million people would be traveling during the holiday. Our first night there we encountered masses of people like we had never seen before. Walking down the main street, Nanjing Lu, was like float tubing down a slow river…you

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Transient Art

Calligraphy is quite an art in China. In many parks you will see people practicing their calligraphy with a brush and a bucket of water. Transient art, if you will.