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Koh Ngai: A Thai Paradise

Koh Ngai, Thailand

The prettiest fish in the ocean!

Feels good!

Dawn at Koh Ngai

A little burnt, but worth it!

For more photos from Koh Ngai click here.

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Whipped Sandwich

“Whipped-topping” sandwich. Available in a Chinese bakery near you.

A Delicious Banquet

Just another Chinese banquet.


The first few weeks we were here, my (Sandra’s) cravings were odd. My first craving was for Whoppers. No, not those from Burger King. The round malt balls that come in the funky milk cartons. Don’t ask me why I craved this. I haven’t eaten one since 7th grade at least. But here I

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Construction Abounds

Lots of construction happening in the city, like in many Chinese cities. Whole blocks of old houses torn down in preparation for new apartments to be built.

Old and New

A picture representative of our city. Old apartment buildings sitting in the shadow of the new.