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Definitely NOT Sprint

Getting a Cell Phone in China is such a different experience than in America that I wanted to share it with you.

In the States, you choose the company you want to go with (Sprint, Cingular, Verizon, etc.) and sign up for a one or two year contract paying a set $30 to $40

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Fortune Cookies

A foreign teacher brought back fortune cookies to give to his Chinese friends. This is his version of funny. I quite agree since the idea of a fortune cookie is so ingrained in the American identity of what is Chinese.

Head’s up! There are no fortune cookies in China!

I gave a fortune cookie to

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Random conversations pop up a lot in China. For example:

“Why is your hair yellow, but your husband’s hair is coffee-colored? Is your hair color real? All Chinese people have black hair.”

I sat in silence for a moment & pondered how to explain D.N.A. in Chinese.

Finally, I just said slowly in English, “D.N.A.”

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Rice Anyone?

Seemingly dozens of varieties of rice can be found in the market. Long and short grain. Sticky. Dry. Fragrant.

It’s Pineapple Time

Pineapple season is here! You can buy a whole, peeled pineapple for 50 cents or a quarter of a pineapple on a stick for 12 cents. Delicious!

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Meat Market

While we don’t normally shop here, you can get some pretty fresh meat. Just choose your cut.