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Yichang International Tourism Festival Parade

The other day we heard that the Yichang International Tourism Festival would be holding a parade. So we went to check out the action. One of the mascots was a the Yangtze River Sturgeon.

There were several marching bands. Sandra gave them a thumbs up.

There were also several Chinese drumming troupes,

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Street Handyman Available!

If you need something mended, sharpened or fixed in China, I’m your local handyman. You can find me by looking at busy streetcorners or marketplaces. Look for a cart (the wheels may or may not be attached) that has a heavy-duty sewing machine, sharpening stone and various tools attached (along with a large umbrella).

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Campus Love!

Modern-day Caravan Oasis

You may or may not know this, but the trucks in China have water-cooled brakes. As I’m biking down a hill a 15-ton truck will fly by leaving a steady stream of water in its wake.

This necessitates places for filling up the brake-water tank. So, on every roadside hill there will be half

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New Gallery Pictures!

We’ve posted some new pictures on our Gallery, specifically:

Shanghai, 2005 Xi’an, 2006 Greece & Turkey, 2006

Just click the Gallery link at the top of the page and enjoy!