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All Caught Up

So we are finally caught up on our blog. We decided to post the events as they happened. So if you want to catch up with us start here.

We’ve posted four new videos: He Who Hoots, First Swimming, Koh Kood, Thailand & Counting on Me.

Quite a few friends have asked to hear our

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Current Yichang Weather & Time

Plan your trip Local Radar Detailed Forecast

This is for all those who diligently watch the weather channel. Note that while the time may be correct, the temperature and weather conditions are only approximate.

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We’ve Remodeled!

If you’re using acute powers of awareness today, you might notice that things look a bit different on our website. We decided a bit of remodeling was in order. The “Schäfer” and “Software” tabs at the top are gone. Instead, all those posts have been integrated within the main blog with the option to view

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Split Pants

If you look closely, you’ll notice that you can see this child’s bum. In China, diapers are very uncommon. Rather, the children wear split pants until they are potty trained. About every couple hours the parent or grandparent will hold the child up and whistle. eventually the child will associate the whistling with defecating

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Convenient Repair Services

Street side Seamstress

A street side shoe repairman

Sun’s Out! Wash the Blankets!

The sun came out and everyone had blankets drying everywhere. It was amazing!