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Happy 1st Father’s Day! 2007


When Shorel woke up, he was greeted with a Father’s Day Survey. His answers are in blue.

I would like breakfast:
a. in bed
b. in the bathtub
c. at the kitchen table
d. while I watch Lord of the Rings extended version

After breakfast, I would like to:
a. go fly my new hawk kite
b. open some presents
c. read a book
d. watch more Lord of the Rings extended version

For lunch I would like:
a. Korean
b. lasagna
c. total surprise
d. snack buffet all afternoon

During the afternoon, I would like to:
a. take a long nap
b. open more presents
c. read hunting magazines
d. watch more Lord of the Rings extended version

Schäfer’s first hug of the morning! “I’m so happy today is Father’s Day!”

Shorel and Schäfer got in some special play time.


“Let’s wrestle!”


Schäfer hit a couple of other milestones today. Crazy how quickly they are coming! He started pulling up on the couch, end table & tv stand. He’s pretty wobbly so we have to be near otherwise he falls on our wooden floor. Ouch!

Also, when I walked in the door after running an errand, he left his toy and crawled over to me. Later on, he also left his toys and crawled to Shorel. Well, I guess we’re his favorite people! It was the first time he crawled directly to us.

Finally, later in the day I was playing with Schäfer on the bed and he crawled to the edge. I held on to his feet, but I wanted to see if he would just look or go. Well, in a split second Schäfer plunged his body forward. He was willing to take the dive! All boy!

Bear hug!

Here you can see lots of Father’s Day treats. The “Tropical Crunchy” cereal is new in our city so Shorel had that for a breakfast surprise. The green paper is his Father’s Day Survey. Here Shorel is eating lasagna and drinking another new item in our city: Coca-Cola Zero. We’d never heard of this before!

Here is Shorel with his first Father’s Day gifts! The blue cloth is a small glasses cloth because Shorel is constantly looking for something to clean his glasses with. I had several photos printed for his wallet as it has been errr….years since he’s changed out his photos. A rum raisin Ritter Sport chocolate bar. And, my best find, a reading light that clips to your book. I found it in the littlest store for less than $1! Shorel loved it. His reaction was: “So now you don’t have to sleep with a pillow over your head while I read!”

After lunch, Shorel got his final surprise: 3 new flavors of ice cream to try! Two were rum raisin (his favorite) as he has wanted to do a taste off for quite some time. The other was blueberry which is only recently available.

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