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I’m currently missing the BlogHer Conference in Chicago. This conference is courted by Yahoo, AOL, and Google with Typepad and WordPress tech support available – even Butterball is leading a session on The Art of Food Blogging. I think Shorel might have gone just to have breakfast with the Google Experts on day 2.

Reading their seminars made me realize that blogging has changed a great deal since we started in 2004. Did you know that some people are professional bloggers? One conference speaker writes 9 blogs! CraftBlogging is a word and there is a session to let me know “how to find my piece of the CraftBlogosphere?”

And the biggest group of all: MommyBlogging!

” It’s no secret that MommyBlogging has changed a lot in the past two years. Sort of like actors who toil away for years before becoming overnight sensations, MommyBloggers are now seen as power influencers by marketers and the media. Whether managing what amounts to small publishing juggernauts, or cranking out posts mostly for family and friends in their not-so-copious spare time, MommyBloggers are getting a lot of attention…individually and as a ‘segment.’ ” In fact, there are people wanting to know what question MommyBloggers want in the next Presidential debate!

All this makes me ask: How are you connecting in this great blogosphere?

Originally, I only read blogs written by friends as blogging was a way to keep in touch with people. Now, I read blogs of people I’ve never met. Not just reading them – I’ve subscribed to them. And I get excited when I see a new posting.

Harlow’s Monkey “Experiencing the social experiment of transracial and transnational adoption”
Harlow’s Monkey Adoption Gazette “…an attempt to keep a historical record of what is being published in newspapers, journals, magazines and web media…about the areas I’m interested in – adoption, foster care, child protection issues, birth parents, search and reunion and policy and legislation about all of these above issues.”

5 Minutes for Mom and Rocks In My Dryer are famous MommyBloggers.

Shine is Andie Hamilton’s unique portrait photography

Checking Boxes “an Aussie couple on the international road to parenthood”

Cook & Eat for amazing food photography.

So, who’s in your reader?

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