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Catching Up on America

A friend from America arrived last week. Though it was amazing to see her, we were also taken aback at how quickly she spoke English. Turbo English. And she’s not really one to chat all the time about nothing. This was just “normal speak” which we found very abnormal. During our visit, we learned some “western” things are more popular in China than in America:

Prison Break – Yes, I don’t know why, but Chinese people LOVE this show.

Wrigley’s Extra Gum in Cantaloupe flavor – Ok, so this is my favorite gum which I recently found out doesn’t exist in America.

Bubble dresses with leggings underneath – Every Chinese girl is wearing them, but my friend recently told me that Americans aren’t wearing these muffin-type outfits. I could have sworn they were a world wide phenomenon because every girl here is wearing them.

Text messaging – Apparently it’s popular amongst high school and college kids, but everyone else is still making calls. In China, everyone sends text messages. (And if it takes you a while to figure out some characters, someone may already be knocking on your door before you decipher that they were coming over.)

Cell phone accessories – We have all kinds of little trinkets to hang off the side of your cell phone. Everyone has something. Apparently, in America people don’t feel the need to accessorize their phone.

Titanic – There are still people here who love this movie and have seen it 25 times. I, personally, thought once was more than enough.

But I forgot to ask…was “High School Musical” really a sensation?

7 comments to Catching Up on America

  • From what I’ve heard from parents, High School Musical was HUGE (and still is).

  • Hmm…
    1) Never heard of Prison Break
    2) I don’t eat melon, so I don’t eat melon-type gum.
    3) I *did* see balloon dresses at a recent wedding in Louisiana. I giggled cause these girls thought they were in fashion and I remember those from when I was in like 6th grade.
    4) Um, I text all the time. So did my principal when she was in meetings.
    5) If you are under 12, High School musical was a *big, big* thing.
    My take on your update. I’ll think of more American fads you might be missing. πŸ™‚

  • Sandra,
    Your post is cracking me up! Yes High School Musical is a BIG hit here with the Jr. High kids. Don’t know about the High School kids. They are coming out with the sequal soon. I’m sure you are on the edge of your seat. πŸ™‚

  • Soj

    Prisonbreak is HUGE here too! I don’t get it.

    Leggings are all the rage, as well as text messaging. (Shoo, text messaging was big back when I lived in Europe LAST time!).

    Here, people’s cell phones do everything–play music (why carry an ipod AND a phone when you can carry just one thing?), search the internet, cameras (of course), and even play movies. Wowzha.

    And um…I though High School Musical was cute.

  • Amy

    This is funny to me too… I could have sworn that sparkly belts and poofy scarfs were in style in the whole world- until I saw it on ‘What not to Wear’- oops! I might just be on this show in a few months!

    … and here Cell Phones do everything too!! I don’t understand it- people don’t have enough money to buy lunch everyday- but there cell phone plays music, is a camera, video, memory for files, plays movies, is a radio and much much more that I don’t know because I don’t own one of the ‘cool’ cell phones! Mine is just pink and has a camera- that’s it!

    … And Text messaging is all the rage- you rarely see people actually talking on their cell phones!

    … and High School Musical- WOW, there is a whole cast that is traveling around doing shows… and I too thought it was cute πŸ™‚

  • Patti

    Very interesting…

    My takes…for me, I can’t text and my friends laugh when I try. My cell phone is old and bulky but I love it. It seems like most people here have a new one every months. As for the dresses, yes, I’ve seen some here in Big D…but then again…we see everything here.

    As for High school musical…i had never heard of it until this spring when I went to volunteer at my old school for the book fair. All these little 1st graders wanted was that book…so I asked another mom and wow…I had missed the boat. So popular…still haven’t seen it but here is a funny. I think catching on to that craze a popular soap did a musical for a day or two about prom. Didn’t see it but the commercial cracked me up. πŸ™‚

    My favorite new trend is the biggest sunglasses in the world- they truly protect my eyes!

  • Sara

    High School Musical is all the rage with our girls. Later elementary aged kids love it, but even some preschool girls are also fans. We currently have a stack of little cards from Wal-Mart by the computer so the girls can try to win some High School Musical gear online. Also very (and can’t overemphasize how very)popular is Hannah Montana, which is such a relief to us as parents. Both these are very family friendly and fun to watch with the kids. At least for the first couple of times.

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