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Friday Schmai-day

Well, it’s raining. And it seems like it has been raining all week. Schäfer doesn’t really get that it’s raining outside, but he does get that he’s bored inside.

A little bird lands on our window bars for a short respite. Students walking by with a multitude of colorful umbrellas.

Our helper seems to be doing fine. She’s doing a great job throwing meals together as random people drop by at lunch. Today, she had a bit of a cold, so Schäfer didn’t get to practice his Chinese. She did cook up some nice jiao-zi (dumplings), both a fried and a boiled variety. Both were excellent.

We also found out she was using our Worcestershire sauce as a spicy vinegar…understandable, since that’s what the Chinese writing says on the bottle, “Spicy vinegar.” We asked her to use the “spicy vinegar” sparingly as it’s a little expensive.

Shorel is going to do some grocery shopping this afternoon. See some students off. Visit a frame shop. Chat with some shopkeepers. Check out a leather sheep “piggy” bank. Stay dry.

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