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Hot Pot ?? = Chinese Fondue


?? hu?gu? where hu? means “fire” and gu? refers to “pot” is found all over China. Some say it’s popular in winter, but in Yichang – it’s popular year round.

Hot Pot is a large pot in the center of the table with a fire simmering below. Ingredients are placed in the pot and everything is cooked at the table.  Popular hot pot dishes include: meat,vegetables, mushrooms, wontons, dumplings and seafood. In Yichang, fish hot pot is particularly popular.

The basic stock is made of water and salt – sometimes a soup.

Then, you add the bones of beef or chicken.  We have a duck hot pot in town and it is particularly tasty.

Once all of that is simmering away, you can start adding in meats and veggies.  On the side you might have some Hoisin sauce, soy sauce, sesame butter or a peanut sauce.

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