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Open Air Well Baby Clinic

Friday evening, a few of us neighbors were standing around talking outside as the sun had set and the heat had settled. Amongst us were 2 middle aged women with their dogs. Yes, that means 2 dogs for Schäfer to view. His excitement is so contagious that I want to buy him a dog! But there’s enough on my plate for now. Also with us is a Mommy from the 1st floor with her daughter who is 1.5 months to the day older than Schäfer. Enters an older “Aunt” on her way to buy bread.

Aunt: Your belly is big. Your baby’s belly is also big.
Me: Correct. (wondering: how do I respond to this type of statement?)
Aunt: Your sons nails are TOO LONG! You must cut them.
Me: Yes, I will cut them this evening.
Aunt: This is really bad. He will scratch his face. It is not safe.
Me: Yes, you are correct. I will cut them this evening. (Other women smile.)
Aunt: He must not wear the diaper outside. It is TOO HOT.
Me: In my culture, we wear the diaper in the summer.
Aunt: It’s ok to wear the diaper inside with the air conditioner, but not outside in the heat. Look at her daughter! See! No diaper!
Mommy: Yes, but her son has no heat rash. (I thought this Mommy was so sweet to point this out as her baby girl was covered in heat rash – even in her hair. Both begin inspecting Schafer’s armpits, legs, inside his diaper and determined that he did not, in fact, have any heat rash.)
Aunt: He’s very uncomfortable.
Me: You are correct. (Wondering: if she had a scale and a measuring tape, we could just have a Well Baby Clinic right now!)
Aunt: Let me hold him. (I hand Schäfer off and he willingly goes.)

Aunt is satisfied. I am thankful.

2 comments to Open Air Well Baby Clinic

  • I would be way too sensitive to deal with this – I’m so impressed that you take it with such great strides.

  • Sandra:
    You probably don’t remember me – I was at OBU with you for maybe a year (I’m older)(I was a tri chi) and I grew up with Jamie Garner so that is how I found your blog.
    I just wanted to tell you that I enjoy your blog so much – I love reading about your life in China – it’s so interesting. Especially the baby split pants. ha! And I love to read your recipes – since they are so different.

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