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Need a Dentist? Go to Thailand.

Next, we were off to Thailand where my Mom got $8000 USD worth of dental work done for $1800 USD.

Over a year ago, Mom went to her local dentist where they gave her an appraisal of all her dental problems: $8000. This is no small chunk-of-change for a Louisiana public school teacher

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Hong Kong Bird and Flower Market

Since Mom has quite the green thumb, we decided to take her to the bird and flower market to get a taste of local Hong Kong. Here you can see curling bamboo.

These bamboo pyramids can be found all over China.


Orchids are everywhere in tropical Asia.

The bird

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The Nanamaw Arrives

After much anticipation, Sandra’s Mom arrived in Hong Kong. She came a day late because her passport paperwork was sitting on a desk somewhere. Sometimes we think there’s run-around in Asia, but hey, there’s run-around in America too.

Mom first applied for a passport over a year ago because she planned on visiting in 2006,

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Delicious Foods & Finds

Hitting a great food court and grocery store might be an daily excursion for you, but for us it’s so exciting & worth documenting! After Schäfer’s doctor’s appointment, we made our way to Pacific Place mall where Shorel conquered another Triple O’s for lunch. Thank goodness Hong Kong has three locations!


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Doggy Diva

Hong Kongers love their pooches! And local pet stores are providing all the bling. Check out this Hello Kitty camouflage cheerleader uniform – just the perfect size for man’s best friend.

Baby Shower at Triple-O’s

Our San Francisco friends were in Hong Kong visiting family. We were so excited to see them and throw Anna a surprise baby shower. It was a pretty simple shower to organize, since the only guests were the hubs and Schäfer. Triple-O’s provided the food.

Even though Schäfer isn’t much into solids

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