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Shop Girls

It’s been a while, but tonight I was reminded that life can be a bit more challenging.

So, we’re standing in the toothpaste aisle and I’m trying to find the normal toothpaste which means I need a couple of minutes to scan the pictures carefully since I am basically illiterate. Warning: the mint toothpaste leaf looks similar to green tea toothpaste and lemon green tea toothpaste. So as I’m scanning, there are 8 (yes, I counted them) workers staring at us. Talking about us. Why so many workers? Because in most supermarkets, every aisle has an attendant to assist you with your shopping needs and to keep a watchful eye on the merchandise. When they have nothing to do, they gather around and watch you shop. I quickly grab a tube with a picture of a sparkling tooth with Saturn-like rings around it. Maybe this toothpaste will set me in a new orbit!

Then I got the the clothing section which I normally skip, but they had solid color v-neck t-shirts made of good quality cotton! Since I haven’t bought ANY new clothes since 2004, I was delighted to shop! An assistant came up and I asked her about the sizes since they were labeled numbers instead of S, M & L.

Me: What is the largest size you have?
Assistant: 11
Me: Great! Can I try that on?
Assistant: It won’t fit you.
Me: Can I try it on just to see?
Onlooker: She just wants to try it on.
Assistant: It won’t fit you.

Aren’t the supermarket attendants so helpful?

Oh, and the new lime Lay’s potato chips we bought were less like chipotle and more like sherbet.

4 comments to Shop Girls

  • I’m guessing there’s a reason you haven’t purchased clothes since 2004. Good grief! I’m so sorry.

  • Though I’m a normal size in America, here I am quite large. So it has been difficult finding clothes that fit. Which tends to lead to some disappointment (read: obese thoughts and extended sadness) on my part so I just stopped shopping and decided that I’ll just get some new things when we swing through the states. Fortunately, I have been given some new-to-me clothes from some great foreign teachers who returned to the states.

  • Victoria

    I know exactly how you feel! I’m sure there aren’t as many different varieties of Crest and Colgate in the states even! I never seem to find the same tube twice.

  • Auntie G

    when you come to the states we will go to a store better than jcpenny outlet. it is the catalog return store near jcpenny outlet. they had coats by columbia that looked like the northface for 20$

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