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We Interrupt This Program

After 5 days of no internet and 4 big festivities, we’re all caught up with our latest news.

Tomorrow is the beginning of National Holiday. Memories of A Flood in Shanghai make me happy to be staying home. We’ll be busy doing the things we love and seeing friends…not busy rummaging through the waves of

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Flying Lanterns & Fireworks

After the parade our city held a large fireworks display in honor of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the International Tourism Parade and the upcoming National Day. We weren’t sure exactly where the fireworks were to be lit, so when they started we found ourselves still pretty far away. They were impressive!

Crowds of people gathered

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International Tourism Parade

Yep, it’s that time again…get excited for the Yichang International Tourism Parade!

The 2008 Beijing Olympic Mascots were in attendance along with the Yangtze Sturgeons.

Schäfer had a great time meeting a “Friendlies”.

This man was enjoying taking pictures of Schäfer on his camera phone. Schäfer was as popular as the

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Happy Mid-Autum Festival

On September 25, we celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival. The day began with our helper arriving at our door with a collection of 6 mooncakes all beautifully packaged. She explained that 6 was such a good, complete number. Her mooncakes would also benefit our health. What a thoughtful gift!

Among expat circles Mooncakes are

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Bike Parade

On September 22, The Yichang Bike Club held it’s own mini-parade through the downtown area to promote health and fitness. Here Shorel is with the Activities Director for Yichang plus other Bike Club officials. The bike club members were delighted to know that Schäfer would be joining them!

Here the club members wait

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All Things Blue

On September 15th, a baby shower was given to the Queen of Yichang, Eden, who has lived here for over 6 years. Before I had the privilege of meeting Eden, I had three people in one week ask me if I knew her. What a sweet friend she has become! She was one of

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