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On Wednesday, our adoption agency received our I-171H. We are so thankful it did not get lost in the mail!

Also on Wednesday, The Assistant Stork received our documents and said that they all looked good. Even as we type, all our documents are getting their final approval at the Chinese Embassy.

For the past

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Hee Haw

This vendor offers us a delicious “candied” fruit on a stick. The haw fruit is a type of red crabapple.

Each stick is made differently. Some have just haw, grapes, walnuts or both.

These sticks have: haw, cashews, grapes, walnuts, a mystery black jelly substance and an orange. Each stick is coated

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The Acupuncture Diet

Li: Are you trying to lose some weight? Me:Sure. Li: I just went to an acupuncturist to lose weight. Me: How did it go? Li: I lost 5 kilograms. Me: I didn’t know acupuncture could help. Li: When you go, you first have to weigh in. Then, you get the acupuncture. Afterwards, the lady tells

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The Assistant Stork

On Sunday morning, The Nanamaw received a call from the post office that an express envelope from China had arrived. She could come pick it up or they would bring it to her. It’s a small town thing.

By Sunday night, we went over all the adoption documents and made sure everything was in order.

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Soy Milk ??

Fresh soymilk is abundant in China. Usually a breakfast drink, it is served warm with a teaspoon of sugar.

The soy milk can also be boiled for a little longer to make a “soy pudding” which is also served warm with a little sugar.

Fresh soy milk.

Yum! Freshly cooked soy

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78 Cupcakes

It began:

Liu: Can you teach me how to bake a cake? I’d like to make a cake for my son’s birthday. Me: Sure!

A few days later:

Liu: Can we make small cakes instead? Me: Ok. How many? Liu: 10 for my son and his friends. Me: Ok. How about Thursday? Liu: Yes!

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