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And Two Shall Be One

This past weekend we attended the nicest Chinese wedding either of us had ever been to. Hubs was asked to officiate the ceremony – we’re still not sure if it is legal for a foreigner to marry someone in China, but it’s all just a technicality since they already had their marriage paper from the government.

The bride and groom.

Of course, Schäfer provided some pre-ceremony entertainment.

The wedding stage.

I have to give props to the bride. I’m not sure I could have managed these steps on my wedding day.

After the ceremony, each guest enjoyed quite a feast!

Yep, turtle soup.

Can you find the chicken head in this dish?

And now time for some video. Some of the things in their wedding were not traditional – the bride & groom singing an entrance duet? But one thing is in every Chinese wedding we’ve ever been to: the tea ceremony. We hope you like it. (We’ll just give you the highlights, but watch for Shorel’s part. Yes, that actually is Shorel speaking.)

By the way, the little guy in the pink jacket is the MC.

China Wedding from shorel & sandra on Vimeo.

5 comments to And Two Shall Be One

  • VERY interesting wedding. Maybe I should pass this on to my friend who is newly engaged for ideas? 🙂

  • Yammie

    Wow–this just made my day! 🙂 I’ve never seen anything quite like it. 1) They make a very lovely couple. 2) When I saw the stage, the first thing that came to mind was “life-size Ken & Barbie wedding” 3) I found the chicken head, but wished I hadn’t 4) I like the fish bowl idea–that’s fun! 5) That was SO neat getting to see Shorel do the ceremony–what an amazing job, and what an honor! 6) I agree about those steps–DANGER in high heels. Maybe she was wearing hiking boots? ….anyway, loved this. Thanks for sharing!

  • Wow! What do say after a wedding like that? It reminded me of a show inside a shopping mall! So impressed with your command of the Chinese language! Dancing girls, bride and groom singing, an MC and dishes with chicken heads……don’t think anyone here could top that!

    Again, thank you for sharing. You don’t get to see things like that too often!

  • heather

    Wow! That’s a lot of pink!!!

  • The bride wore heels. I made sure to watch while she was walking over those steps. She was the most amazing bride ever – she sung a duet, carried a glass fish bowl down the aisle, walked over those steps with heels, etc.

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