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Lead Testing

When I first read about the dangers of lead in What to Expect When You’re Expecting, I immediately asked my sister to send some lead testing kits with our Christmas gifts. The kits were easy to find at the local hardware store and ran about $2 each.

Lead is a serious issue as heavy exposure can put a woman at increased risk of developing pregnancy-induced hypertension and even pregnancy loss. Lead can also put a baby at risk for minor birth defects or serious behavioral and neurological problems. Lead can continue to affect babies as they develop into toddlers.

Fortunately, it is fairly easy to avoid lead exposure.

  • be sure your drinking water is lead free
  • if your home dates back to 1955 or earlier, have the layers of paint removed
  • food can be contaminated by lead leached from earthenware, pottery or china so check all your dishes

These lead kits were easy to use. Break the glass vial inside. Swab the item to be tested. Within 2 minutes, if the tip doesn’t turn pink the item is lead free.

In about 10 minutes we tested glasses, plates, bowls, the paint on the wall, the bathtub, etc. Thankfully, they were all lead free.

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