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On Baby #2

Today, 2 separate (as in living in totally different countries) friends shared their good news: they’re expecting. One family is on baby #2 and the other is on baby #3. I have another 4 friends who already have due dates.

Any kind of baby news makes me think of Little Sister. Anything pink or purple also makes me think of Little Sister. It doesn’t take much for my mind to go to her. She already has my heart.

We have not received our Log In Date yet. And that’s OK. We knew this would be our season of waiting. We still know without a doubt that this is the right decision for our family.

Some of you have sweetly suggested that we could get pregnant while we wait for Little Sister. Mathematically, it’s a good idea. However, we fall under China’s May 2007 adoption rules: if we get pregnant we would have to re-file our dossier when the 2nd baby is 1-year-old. That would have us starting the paper chase all over in about 2010.

So we press on in our season of waiting.

Was that pink Hello Kitty sweater on sale?

4 comments to On Baby #2

  • Even though our seasons of waiting are a little different – they probably still feel the same – so I understand. I’m praying things move quickly for you!

  • Misty Ellis

    Dear friends,
    I hope you have a great vacation in Thailand. I love reading your blog and especially love the recipes. They have really helped out as I have learned to cook.

    Well just wanted to let you know I will really be lifting you up during your waiting. It is so very hard!!! You know we know! We are really wanting to start the process for our next baby, but I am not ready to start the painful waiting process again, but we really want Moriah to have a baby brother/sister sooner than later.

    Well just wanted to know I am thinking about you during your wait! And oh yes!!!! The wait is sooooooooooooooooooooo worth IT!!!!!!!!!!

  • heather

    I think you guys have already done an amazing thing by sorting through and filing ALL that paperwork. After all that…and the waiting…what a little (and yet huge) blessing you will have. 🙂

  • Marianne

    We understand!! We will pray for patience and for speed. We have heard that there is an inordinate back-log of dossiers because of the changes they made to the rules and all the people getting their files in before that date! YUCK! Oh man do we understand and empathize with you guys. But believe me when I say it is TOTALLY worth the wait when you get your hands on that precious gift!! What a day of rejoicing that will be!! It was for us and continues to be that way!

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