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Lead Testing

When I first read about the dangers of lead in What to Expect When You’re Expecting, I immediately asked my sister to send some lead testing kits with our Christmas gifts. The kits were easy to find at the local hardware store and ran about $2 each.

Lead is a serious issue as heavy

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Youzi Barbarian ????

Youzi Eater from shorel & sandra on Vimeo.

Me At Yahoo Dot Com

I started a “me at yahoo dot com” address when I graduated from college. I still check the account occasionally to see if an old friend wrote on a whim. This, alone, dates me. Now, we can just find each other on Facebook.

It seems that Yahoo! has been doing some spring cleaning thus my

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The Less Popular Corn

Less popular than corn juice is microwave popcorn. Local flavors include: sweet cream, cream chocolate, fruit, salty and original.

The popcorn with “cream chocolate taste” looks like “cow popcorn” since each kernel had brown and white spots.

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A Refreshing Glass of…Corn Juice

It’s amazing how different cultures view foods. In China and much of Asia, corn is considered a dessert. You’ll find it atop ice cream sundaes, inside McDonald’s pies and as a beverage in the juice section.

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On Baby #2

Today, 2 separate (as in living in totally different countries) friends shared their good news: they’re expecting. One family is on baby #2 and the other is on baby #3. I have another 4 friends who already have due dates.

Any kind of baby news makes me think of Little Sister. Anything pink or purple

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