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Two for the Price of One

In America, what happens to out dated magazines? I have no clue. Surely every magazine in the grocery store does not sell before it expires.

In China, old magazines are bundled together and sold as two for the price of one. So, at the magazine stand I can get a January 2008 edition

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Plan B

So long cold weather.

We planned on spending our Chinese New Year in Thailand to escape the cold. Little did we know just how cold this winter would be.

Two years ago we also went to Thailand for CNY. Unfortunately, our Yichang airport was shut down for three days due to fog. We had

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Snow Falling on Bamboo

Snow Chili

Snow Scenes

This winter brought the worst snowstorm in 16 years. We have half an inch on the ground that refuses to melt!

Hi! My name is Shorel. I’m from North Idaho. The snow and I are BFF!

Why in the world would I ever want to use an umbrella to keep me

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And Two Shall Be One

This past weekend we attended the nicest Chinese wedding either of us had ever been to. Hubs was asked to officiate the ceremony – we’re still not sure if it is legal for a foreigner to marry someone in China, but it’s all just a technicality since they already had their marriage paper from the

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