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The Way I Feel

We stumbled upon The Way I Feel books by Cornelia Maude Spelman at our local bookstore. I immediately fell in love with them and their big, colorful pictures. What a neat way to get kids to understand emotions!

Each book gives examples of times when we might feel sad or miss someone. Then, it describes the emotion. Finally, it offers solutions to feeling better.

Emotion books0001
When I Miss You

Example: I miss you if you have to take a little trip. A few days seem like a long, long time. I want you to kiss me goodnight.

Emotion: Missing you is a heavy, achy feeling.

Solution: I can cuddle with my blanket or stuffed animal. I can look at my favorite book. I can draw you a picture. I can play or make things.

When our adoption agents came to town for our home study, I showed them these books. Since they have studied child development for over 20 years, they were so excited to see books which explained not only emotions, but also how to deal with and express those emotions. Despite lack of luggage room, they bought a set before they left.

If you have a little on who is scared of the dark or gets a little jealous of siblings, I heartily recommend these books. If Oprah knew about them, surely they would be one of her favorite things!

Emotion books0004When I Feel Good About Myself “Some things are easy for me to do; other things are hard. But that’s OK, because everyone is different.”

Emotion books0002
When I Care About Others
“When someone shares with me, it feels good. So I share too.”

Emotion books
When I Feel Jealous “Jealousy is a prickly, hot, horrible feeling. …When I feel jealous, there are ways to make myself feel better. I can tell somebody about my jealousy. It helps when somebody listens.”

Emotion books0005
When I Feel Scared “I feel scared when there’s a big, loud noise or when I have a bad dream or when mother goes away. …When I feel scared, I cry. I want to run away or hide. I wand someone to hold me. I want to stop feeling scared!”

Emotion books0006
When I Feel Angry “Anger is a strong, hot feeling. When I feel angry, I want to say something mean or yell or hit. But feeling like I want to is not the same as doing it. Feeling can’t hurt anyone or get me into trouble, but doing can. …I can make angry cooler by running, riding my bike or doing something I really like to do.”

Emotion books0007
When I Feel Sad “If something bad happens, I feel sad. When I can’t have something I really, really want or I lose something special, I feel sad.”

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