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100 Days Until 08.08.08

Today is exactly 100 days until the Beijing Olympics. Hubs and Schäfer pause for a photo at our Olympic countdown in the downtown area.

Here’s a small tour of the Olympic spirit around town. ???

These milk cartons are competing in the weight lifting and basketball venues.

The five “Friendlies” (official mascots)

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Herb Garden: Part 1

On Sunday afternoon, we planted our first herb garden. Please do wish us luck. By the sheer title of this post, I’m hoping something will sprout so we can have a Part 2, Part 3…

Allow me to indulge you with my History of Plants:

My Grandparents had a large vegetable garden every summer

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Welcome to the World, Cherry!

When we stepped off the air plane three years ago, this happy face greeted us.

Time flies! When Liu learned that she was pregnant she was anxious to hear our delivery experience. She even asked us to teach a birth class for her, her husband and mother-in-law.

In China, if you go into labor

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Medium Well

This pork still has bristles left on the hide.

One method to get rid of the bristles is to burn them off with a red hot charcoal cylinder. We’re not sure what happens to the meat next, but we’re sure it’s tasty.

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Brilliant Little Gift

Hubs and I don’t exchange gifts. No Christmas gifts. No birthday gifts. I slipped a few small ones in last Father’s Day and he was rather taken aback. (We never said, “No Father’s Day gifts.”)

The main philosophy behind this is that we are content with what we have – so why buy more stuff?

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Chinglish #26

The pond is deep and abrupt Be caution!