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Cost of Living

During our winter snow, prices started rising. The snow eventually melted, but the prices remained.

When I realized we were paying almost $4 for a gallon of milk, I contemplated whether or not a cow could live happily on our roof. Visions of fresh dairy danced in my head.

Once back to reality, I wondered what people in America and England were paying. Thanks Jamie and Heather for helping me get to the bottom of this.

The following is a price comparison chart for Yichang (China), Little Rock (Arkansas, USA) and Durham (England). All prices have been converted to USD.

China USA England
Bread (loaf) $0.68 $2.69 $1.17
Milk (gallon) $3.68 $3.62 $5.17
Butter (stick) $1.57 $0.86 $1.00
Eggs (dozen) $0.62 $2.26 $2.30
Cheese (24 slices) $3.39 $3.53 $5.73
Pampers (40pk) $7.25 $11.29 $12.56
Chicken Breast (lb) $1.40 $3.49 $7.99
Beef (lb) $2.15 $5.29 $2.00
Gas (gallon) $2.71 $3.19 $10.00

Total grocery bill (excluding gas):


7 comments to Cost of Living

  • jimmie

    Yeah, it’s all relative. 🙂

  • heather

    I’ll add one other detail…Durham is in a lower cost of living part of England, so if you are further south near London food is a bit more expensive. But I suppose that’s the case with Little Rock vs LA or New York too.


  • heather

    I guess most of the cows in China and England are for beef rather than dairy???

  • sherry

    so if you want to compare that to colorado mtn town prices as well… here ya go

    Bread 2.19 loaf
    Milk 6.69 gal
    Butter .67/stick 1/4#
    Eggs 2.89 doz
    Cheese 3.89 24 slices
    Pampers 17.54 40pk
    Chicken breast 4.99/#
    Ground beef 2.99/#
    Gas 3.49 gallon
    Total if buying one of each $45.34

    it can be really frustrating, but somehow it always works out

  • Shelley

    Very interesting! Makes me almost want to move back to Little Rock. Gas in Dallas (Frisco) is 3.47 a gallon today!

    I was shocked that the prices were not consistantly higher/lower for each place. Interesting.

  • Hi!
    I’ll check tomorrow to see what it’s like in Paris… I can tell you already it’s really expensive!

  • Fran

    In Taiwan our prices don’t measure up by fair comparison. For instance we just paid 7.00 for a 15 oz. box of Kellogg’s Raisin Bran cereal. I pay about 2.00 for 10 eggs (they don’t sell by the dozen). Need I list more? Enough Said.

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