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Herb Garden: Part 1

On Sunday afternoon, we planted our first herb garden. Please do wish us luck. By the sheer title of this post, I’m hoping something will sprout so we can have a Part 2, Part 3…

Allow me to indulge you with my History of Plants:

My Grandparents had a large vegetable garden every summer until they were almost 80. The summer they didn’t plant anything, watermelons sprung from the ground anyway. It was like the earth didn’t know what else to do except give my Papaw some Sugar Baby Watermelons.

My Mom is excellent with house plants. She has a mighty large collection of them.

I think I had my first plant in college. Freshman year. It died long before finals.

At 26, after Hubs and I tied the knot, I decided to put some plants outside our apartment door. They all died. Not from a lack of love (because our love was so abundant surely the plants could feel it) but from sure hydration neglect.

One day, I came home to find my dead flowers replaced by cacti. My neighbor worked at a garden center and she was tired of looking at all the death outside my door had the sweetness to suggest I start over. They died too.

Unlike my Grandparents who lived in the same house since they were married, my lifestyle doesn’t seem to be digging deep roots in any one patch of land any time soon.

Thus, an herb garden.

But of course, on Sunday afternoon, I had to throw a little of my plant chaos into the mix. The whole idea of planting seeds one at a time in 1/8, 1/4 or 1/2 inch of soil (depending on variety) was just too much for me. I tossed the seeds in and sprinkled a little dirt on top and am hoping for the best.

Confession: Despite the true need in the world, I humbly confess that I have prayed for my plants. But my prayers are selfish because I only want them to grow so that I won’t be a complete garden failure. WWJD?

Schäfer is very excited about all the fresh, organic ingredients the dirt outside of our window.

Should this little garden grow, you can expect some delicious summer recipes coming your way. Should this little garden fail, you can expect Herb Garden: Part 2 The Neglect

Thanks to Roxanne we planted:

  • Parsley: Plain or Single
  • Parsley: Italian
  • Basil: Lettuce Leaf
  • Basil: Sweet
  • Basil: Genovese
  • Dill: Mammoth

We would have liked to have planted Oregano: Wild Marjoram, but the seed packet was EMPTY. Wal-Mart Gardens sure got their 97 cents worth.

Last summer, I bought this ivy. See, I’m getting serious and establishing roots.

Allow me to introduce my “Resurrection Ivy” because I left it outside in the snow all winter. I probably haven’t watered it in six months and yet this spring – green started popping out again.

Hubs, have you implemented Operation Hydration?

Schäfer did you toss your sippy cup out the window?


The blueberry and raspberry seeds were given to us so we figured since were were tossing seeds in dirt, we should go ahead and give them a try.

If they should decide to grow, it will be 4 years before we have any blueberries. I don’t know much about all this. If something green should appear, then I’ll dig around on-line to see what I should do next. But please do not be deceived, I’ve had visions of blueberry cobblers and raspberry jams.

Grow seeds grow!

8 comments to Herb Garden: Part 1

  • Good Luck on the herb garden… don’t overwater them… if the pot has holes in the bottom then maybe get some of those little cheap plastic dishes to put underneath them and the excess water will go in them – but if there is no holes you may want to water less cause the water will sit at the bottom of the the pot and rot the roots… with a Cactus plant… you don’t really need to water those… once in a blue moon get a spray bottle and give them some mist… to much water will make them die from over watering… they are a Succulent… I am no gardening expert but this is what I find works… like I said… I am not an expert as plants usually die for me but I have learnt this so far… good luck

  • Leigh

    I just started an herb garden, too! Don’t fret — I also just tossed some seeds on top of some dirt in a pot, covered them with a little more dirt, and watered, and they all sprouted within a week. I have the utmost confidence that there will be an “Herb Garden, Part Two”!

  • I’m so glad you didn’t measure 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, etc…I don’t either. Can it really make that big of a difference? The sweetpeas that Rhett & I planted (not according to package directions) have sprouted. There’s just something so exciting and refreshing about seeing something sprout from a seed you’ve planted yourself! Good luck with your garden!

    P.S. I’m thankful I had the opportunity to visit your Grandparents’ house–their garden area is beautiful. Remember the pictures of us in front of the barn? I think that was the summer that Sherry took a break from her honeymoon to drive to AR for a visit!?!? Fun times!

  • Felicity – you are so sweet to give me such great tips. I’m going to do my best not to over water.

  • Leigh – I’m so excited that you’ve planted an herb garden too. Your comment really encouraged me.

  • Thanks Yammie for the sweet comment. I do remember the picture of us in front of the barn. Yes, it was when Sherry took a break from her honeymoon. Oh my. Time flies.

  • Patti

    I just found out my neighbor has a herb garden and it is amazing. I can’t wait to use them. I tried a tomato plant last summer but I’m afraid it is to late for this summer. I read a great article the other day about blueberry plants so I think I’m going to try it since it’s still good time to plant.

    Can’t wait to see how it goes…yum, fresh herbs oh the recipes to try!

  • nanamaw

    Sweetie, It’s mostly trial and error and HGTV and Southern Living. I learned alot about ferns from Southern living. About larger plants from HGTV and PBS. I know not to buy hanging plants, petunias or vincas or impatients from Wal-mart, I get those from Thomas’ in Farmerville. Wal-marts only last one season, Thomas’ reseed themselves. All those beautiful flowers I had around the swings reseeded themselves in 2005. Also, I was off taking care of mother in 2004 and helped papaw plant the garden and work in all those flowers. I too remember the pic of you guys infront of the barn. love, mom

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