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Lovingly Handmade

This little friend’s shoes were lovingly handmade by his Grandma.


So this little sweetie’s hair is…totally fake. These “chestnut” curly extensions are adored by little girls everywhere.

Ancient versus Modern

est. 1492 vs. est. 1998

Underwater Adventures

We recently received our underwater camera photos from our trip to Phuket.

This is one of those self shots where you hold the camera out and hope for the best.

Since we only go snorkeling once a year, we can’t justify a real underwater camera. This disposable camera does its very best.

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Chinglish #22

If you need to go to the hospital during the afternoon lunch and rest time (12 -3:30pm) or if an accident should occur at night this sign will greet you:

Please go up to the third floor in case of “emdrgency” at noon or at night.

So if you’re having a heart attack

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Meat on a Stick

Downtown there are a couple of stands where you can get some great lamb skewers grilled by Uighers who are an ethnic people of Northwest China.

Sliced thin and covered in savory hot peppers – these really are hot!

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