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Supermarket Sweep

One of the most challenging tasks for me is: grocery shopping.

In the States I would:

  1. drive to the store
  2. place all my items in a cart
  3. check-out
  4. wheel the cart to my car
  5. place items in the trunk of my car
  6. unload the car once home

Pretty easy. Often times enjoyable.

In China, going to the grocery store takes on a whole new level.

  1. take the bus to the store
  2. get through the supermarket with a toddler (that’s for another post)
  3. buy no unnecessary items because I can’t carry them home.

In comes our luggage wheels. Unlike the States, the carts are not allowed to exit the store so we have to manage our milk, toilet paper, diapers, and yogurt all the way to the curb to hail a taxi. Taking a bus home is an option, but certainly not a pleasant one.

Once home, Schäfer finds the groceries particularly fun.

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