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Happy Labor Day 2008


Today is Labor Day so all those that labor (except those in retail or food service or the tourism industry) got a day off from work.

Given the fullness of the buses during my 7am run (oh yes – run. 2 days in a row. thankyousomuch.) I was thankful we weren’t trying to go anywhere far away.

This Labor Day was going to be rather simple with a lunch and dinner appointment, but phone calls at 10:30pm last night and 7am this morning gave us a busy day.

I kind of get stuck mentally sometimes because I have the day all planned in my head and then there’s sudden chaos

“let’s go….”

three phone calls later

“at 4pm…”

while waiting 30 minutes at the bus stop

“maybe we’ll take this other bus and then walk…”

Guess we’ll need to change our dinner plans.

In other news, the weather is suddenly hot. All week, Schäfer has been forced indoors from from 1-3. Our high has only been 84 (according to our indoor/outdoor thermometer in the shade), but the sun is bright and the humidity thick.

Today, we actually ran our air conditioner for 30 minutes because we turned the oven on to bake some chips.

Happy Labor Day!

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