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Hectic, But Not Bad.

06/30/08 We celebrated Schäfer’s 18-month-marker by heading off to the countryside. Due to a steady flow of friends saying good-bye (since they’re not sure they will be back on campus before we leave), 14 hours of packing the day before and the general business of life my to-do list was never completed.

Forget about the

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14 Hours of Moving

6/29/08 The day was supposed to begin at 7am. It was agreed upon the night before. Clearly stated. At 7am, Auntie and her husband would arrive with a van filled with boxes which had been in storage in the countryside.

Yet, at 6am the phone rang. “We’re here. The guy with the truck has business.

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Two New Bakeries: Aroma vs. Eliville

After we took Schäfer’s 18 month portraits, we decided to walk over to the bus stop. On our way there, we found a new bakery called “Aroma”.

Schäfer was given unlimited free samples. Even when we gently asked the staff to please stop giving him so many sweets, it seemed impossible for them

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Portraits Taken

6/28/08 Ok so at this point, our life was a zoo, but we did manage to make it back to our favorite photo studio for Schäfer’s 18 month photos. Unfortunately, we did not make it back there to order the pictures, but they know we are out of town and will come by when

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Herb Garden: Part 3

Hubs visited a local plant shop and bought some larger pots since our herbs seemed to stop growing. He asked the shop owners if he could borrow their tricycle to bring the pots home. “Of course!” they replied.

These pots are definitely bigger.

Our basil and parsley are doing well. The dill did

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Random Bike Pics

Here are some random pictures that I got from a friend.

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