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Wrapping Up 72 Hours in Beijing

Hey! We’re in Beijing for 10 more hours.



So, what have you been up to?


THURSDAY 8/28/08 Our final hours in Yichang went smoothly. Despite the rain and closed interstate, we made it to the airport via the shuttle bus. Our bags were overweight for inter-China flights. Then, we added the bicycle

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Herb Garden: Part 4 The Grand Finalle

Our herb garden was a complete success – that’s if you judge success as seeing something grow from seed to herb. We saw 4 somethings grow.

That’s wild.

Just wild.

And it gives us BIG IDEAS for next year. Next week, you’ll find me in the horticulture section of our public library. Shocked and amazed

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Electoral Cartography

Of the many things we are looking forward to, being in the US for a presidential election is definitely near the top of the list.

The other day we popped on-line to see how to register to vote. Previously we lived in California where we voted every election absentee. Talk about convenience. We never missed

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Going on Holiday to the States

Today, we boarded a plane to Beijing.

After days of packing and saying goodbye – it’s all over. Well, all over except the 14 hour flight on Monday with a 1.8 year old extrovert confined to an airplane.

Friends kept coming over to say goodbye. We quickly learned to stop worrying about the packing

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An Update With No Update

I realize it has been a while since we’ve written anything about the adoption of little sister. Our lack of posting is not a reflection to the void our family feels. It is a reflection of nothing to update. There is no news.

Things are slow.

Things are moving.

Things are slowly moving.

In Greek,

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Mustache Man

Let me first say that facial hair is NOT common in China. Only the very old and the young punks presume to grow any. When I saw this man, I had to take a picture. He just wanted to come by to say “hello” in broken English.

I think he’s a shoe-in for the

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