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Go Ouachita!

[Editor: Our usual columnist, Sandra, is at her ten year college reunion this weekend. I, Hubs, will be filling in.]

Following our wonderful day in Hope, we spent three days at Sandra’s alma mater chatting with folks. Coming from a larger state school, I found Ouachita Baptist University to have a wonderful family-like atmosphere. It

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The Boys in Hope

09/29/08 Our Sunday night drive to Arkadelphia went smoothly. The highlight of our trip was when Hubs grabbed a quick sandwich and salad at Subway for supper. We are just livin’ it up in the good ol’ US of A.

Bright and early Monday morning, I was invited to speak in a class in the

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A Day at Home


We enjoyed a quiet day at home with my Mom & Grandma.

Schäfer loved playing in the dirt.

He loved the tricycle.

He saw Nanamaw’s car plate which reads “Schäfer’s Nana”. She loves him so much.

Grandmaw caught us up on all the changes in the neighborhood. Mostly she told

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Since we arrived into Arkansas late, we spent the night at Yammie’s. Schäfer was so happy to wake up and meet his new buddies Alexee and Rhett.

Alexee and Schäfer are just 5 weeks apart so they were fun to watch. Schäfer loved their playroom and didn’t want to leave.

Yammie (who always

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So long 44 degree Idaho


3 people flying 2 seats purchased 2 bags checked – (can’t afford the additional bags at $50 each!) 4 airports 4 time zones 1 precious friend waiting for us at the end

Our flight from Spokane to Salt Lake City went pretty well. The plane was tiny, but we managed. We read Schäfer

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End of Idaho Wrap-Up

SUNDAY 09.21.08

This morning we had the most wonderful service at community group. Schäfer was being very clingy so he came on to the service with us and it was a blessing to be there as a family all praising the Father.

After community group, we were going to town to attend a benefit Grandma

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