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Bomby’s Buttermilk Pound Cake

This pound cake won a Blue ribbon at the Comal County Fair in New Braunfels – and I’m talking a Texas blue ribbon pound cake – so you know the competition is fierce. The recipe was passed down to my Great Aunt Judy from her Bomby making us the 5th generation to enjoy this

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We decided to drive out at 4am on Saturday morning. We said a quick goodbye to my Mom, Grandmaw and great Aunt Judy and hit the road. Schäfer was awake for about 30 minutes before going back down for a nice, long, quiet two hour sleep. See – 4am was a brilliant plan!

Hubs decided

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Black Friday 2008

For Hubs, Black Friday began at 5:30am.

A week earlier our small point-and-shoot camera died a tragic death. Hubs had already researched extensively and found the replacement camera. It just so happened that the two best prices in the Black Friday preview ads were at Best Buy and Office Max. Since Best Buy was a

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Happy Thanksgiving 2008

Happy Thanksgiving from Texas!

Since our contribution to the meal (homemade cranberry sauce) was made the night before, Thanksgiving morning was stress free. Hubs and Schäfer watched some of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Schäfer loved the balloons.

Since lunch wasn’t until two, Schäfer passed the rest of the morning driving “acorn

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Pre-Thanksgiving Fun

We spent Thanksgiving at my great Aunt Judy’s House. Welcome!

Aunt Judy is famous for her Texas sized dinner parties and her homemade candy lovingly made each Christmas.

It’s so good to be in Texas for Thanksgiving.

It didn’t take long for Texas to ware Schäfer out. Bless his heart.

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Cranberry Sauce

We love cranberry sauce. Love it!

Used to buy cans and cans of it back in California. (What were we thinking?)

These 2 recipes will blow your taste buds away. You just need to locate fresh cranberries.

Interestingly enough, the day after thanksgiving Wal-mart got rid of all their frozen cranberries nationwide. (Where did they

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