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Black Friday 2008

For Hubs, Black Friday began at 5:30am.

A week earlier our small point-and-shoot camera died a tragic death. Hubs had already researched extensively and found the replacement camera. It just so happened that the two best prices in the Black Friday preview ads were at Best Buy and Office Max. Since Best Buy was a 30 minute drive (and would probably have maddening crowds), he opted for Office Max – only a short drive down the road.

At 5:45am when he pulled up to the door, nearly 150 people were lined up. Managers were walking up and down the line asking what people were buying and telling them what was already sold out. Twenty people left the line once they shouted that a certain laptop was sold out.

At 6am, the doors opened and customers filed orderly into the store. Hubs found the camera and a 4Gb memory card, checked out, and picked up some Shipley’s donuts for the rest of us who were catching up on some beauty sleep.

For me, Black Friday began at 8:30am.

My sister wanted to hit up a few stores to see if she could find anything for her husband. We agreed since we needed some shampoo and Nanamaw was free to watch Schäfer.

Our first stop was Wal-Mart which wasn’t too crowded. As we were walking around, a sales clerk asked, “Mam’ can I help you find anything?” To which I replied, “My husband?” He couldn’t help.

There were quite a few people getting their shop on. I so desperately wanted to take photos of their loaded up carts. It reminded me of the one trip build your own salad at Pizza Hut in China.

After 30 minutes at Wal-Mart, we hit Target for about the same. The crowds were gone and there were quite a few deals still on the shelves, but we were mostly just looking since we did our serious shopping on eBay the night before.

Hubs ran into Best Buy to get a wireless router. We thrive under wireless internet.

Meanwhile, sister and I went to Toys R’ Us where the crowds were maddening. There was a queue down the toy aisle just to keep things smooth at the register.

After Toys R’ Us, sister and I popped in Bath and Body works because she had a coupon while Hubs grabbed a nap in the car.

Well, it seems that Aunt Judy had a personal shopper today. She gave Schäfer a great red truck with wagon.

The wagon was a little too small for his dinosaurs so they rode on top.

Hubs grilled some sausages for supper.

Grandmaw and I watched.

That evening, Great Aunt Martiel came over to hang out.


It’s so special to all be together.

Thank you Aunt Judy for allowing our zoo to come and invade your cozy home.  (Just between us, it seems scientifically impossible to gain the amount of weight that I did in just 4 days. But then again, that was Bomby’s blue ribbon pound cake.)

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