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We decided to drive out at 4am on Saturday morning. We said a quick goodbye to my Mom, Grandmaw and great Aunt Judy and hit the road. Schäfer was awake for about 30 minutes before going back down for a nice, long, quiet two hour sleep. See – 4am was a brilliant plan!

Hubs decided he wanted to take a nap too so I drove us almost to Dallas. My driving makes Hubs nervous so after he was refreshed he offered to drive. (read: Margaret, pull over!)
After 9 long hours of driving, we arrived at my Aunt Joy’s house.

After being confined to a car seat, Schäfer enjoyed being outside. He thought the bunnies would enjoy a delicious golf ball.

Then we went for a ride on the golf cart. We cruised to the golf course across the street. Schäfer literally tried to run from hole to hole.  He was so happy to be in a wide open space.

Aunt Joy read Schäfer book after book.

Once Schäfer settled into dreamland, we started tackling our genealogy project: scanning in old photos and documents.  Aunt Joy was so sweet to let us dig through her files and boxes of photos. This lasted close to midnight.

The next morning, I asked Schäfer what he was eating for breakfast and this was his reply. I was lucky I had my camera on me to catch it.

And then it was back to genealogy business.

Aunt Joy took some time to snuggle and watch Snoopy cartoons.

Meanwhile, Hubs entered name upon name into our computer.

He tried to take a break.

But Schäfer wanted to play!

If my Aunt Joy could give a shout out on this blog she would say: Get your mammograms! Her annual mammogram literally saved her life. We give thanks that she is now cancer free.

Thank you Aunt Joy for letting us crash in your home, dig through your files and boxes, eat all your food and keep you up until the wee hours of the night.

P.S. My favorite thing about my Aunt Joy is that we both have red hair and brown eyes. I can tell we’re kin just by our looks.

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