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OK. This is it.

This morning, Hubs took Schäfer swimming in the hotel pool so I could get caught up on the blog. They came and greeted me at the window a couple of times. Hubs said it was his own mini Polar Bear Plunge. Yes, friends, he is walking barefoot on the snow.

This post concludes our

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So Long Huckleberry Mountain

Today was our last day on Huckleberry Mountain.

This morning, Hubs took my letters to the post office and visited Great Aunt Jewel for one last genealogy hurray. Aunt Jewel has a special gift for remembering names, dates, times, places. She can seriously look at a baby picture and tell us who it is

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48 Hours Until Departure

We are 48 hours away from departure and our bags are all packed.

So Hubs went to Southside Elementary to see his 5th grade teacher Mrs. Vann.

Mrs. Vann invited Shorel to speak in her class.

While there he dug through the school archives and found three class photos from 1st, 4th, 5th and

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A New President

“Schäfer, today America will have a new President!” “A new present!” “No, today we will have a new President. Can you say President Obama?” “Present Obama!…I want new present!”

It has been a privilege to be in America during our presidential elections. We have exercised our right to vote and today we will sit back

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Wrappin’ It Up

Well, it’s time to start wrappin’ up all the loose ends. We leave to get on a plane in just 4 days.

Schäfer and I were holding down the fort while Hubs was in southern Idaho. To his delight, he ran into his friends from college: the Bortz family!

Howdy Daniel and Sara!

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California: The 15th State

01.09.09 – 01.17.09

On Friday, we departed a snowy Idaho for sunny California adding 15 to the number of states we’ve visited. As much as we enjoy the snow, it was time increase our Vitamin D via all natural sunshine.

So, we headed to SoCal for 9 days of…meetings. No Disney. No Knoxberry Farm. Just

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