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On Friday evening, we headed to Rong Rong’s house.
I’m not sure that watching Thomas the Train in Chinese is all that productive with words like Sodor Suspension Bridge, freight cars, the Shed, diesels, steamies, coaling stop, etc.  We’ll see.

Meanwhile, the men hunted, spotted and bagged a James the Red Engine on Taobao. We’ve created a chart so each day the choo choo’s are dry and clean he gets a sticker. Once he has made it all the way up the tracks, he gets James.

It was so fun to get our two families together on this Friday night.


On Saturday morning, Hubs went to a friend’s wedding…actually he wasn’t a direct friend. He was a friend of the bike club.

According to modern Chinese tradition, the bride and groom will rent a fleet of black cars (decorated with flowers and balloons) to drive them on a circuitous route to their new house on the morning of their wedding ceremony. However, this particular friend went without the black cars and invited the entire Yichang bike club to accompany him and his bride to their new home.

We decorated our bikes with pink balloons.

The groom arrived at the bride’s house and prepared to charge through the gate to retrieve the bride. The problem: he’s not allowed to get through the men guarding the gate of the household without paying them off.

But he must try to go the cheaper route first, and so a few of his best buddies take the groom and physically push him into the waiting mob of guards blocking his way. Reminded me of a favorite North Idahoan winter game I played in elementary school called “Kay-Lo”. I digress.

After paying the bribe to the people at the gate, the groom picked up his bride and they rode away on a bike. Yes, she rode sidesaddle on the back with her big white wedding dress. And we 200+ bike club members rode around town, essentially blocking traffic everywhere we went. What a hoot!

Here’s the video:

Bike Wedding from on Vimeo.


Sunday morning began with toast – a rare breakfast option. Thanks to Hubs, we’re an oatmeal family. Honestly, I didn’t even eat breakfast until I was married.

These copper frogs are enjoying a nice, refreshing life in the lotus pond. Do not be deceived by their small size. They are loud or maybe their songs get louder as they bounce from concrete building to concrete building.

“I do all my own stunts”

The warmer weather is changing our routine. Previously, we met friends outside from 4-7, but now everyone stays inside till 6 (it’s blazing hot/sunny until after 5:30). With playmates returning outside from 6-8 we don’t see as many people as we did. Schäfer’s the odd ball who goes to bed at 7:30 or 8. His friends go to bed at 10:30 or 11pm.

Thanks Ye Ye!

This is one brave baby – and one super brave Mama to let Schäfer zoom this cart around.

Fishing Ye Ye’s fish.

Papa’s back! Let’s get home. There’s carrot cake waiting.

3 comments to Friday/Saturday/Sunday

  • jdavis2

    what a great post! it’s so good to see you guys in your ‘daily life.’ 🙂 we love watching schafer grow up… and it’s always fun to see what new adventure you guys are up to. you put us to shame! love!

  • Anonymous

    How fun!! The bike thing was awesome! She looks so fun on the bike in her wedding dress! Very fun!
    Aashini has that “stunts” shirt – it cracks me up 🙂
    Fun post 😉

  • Loved the wedding bike story/pics/video! How interesting!

    I also love S’s stunt t-shirt–so cute!

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