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Up Down Reunion

Foreign teacher Katie came through Yichang on her way to Yunnan. Obviously, it totally makes sense to come through Yichang when going to Kunming!

We first met Katie on Christmas Even 2004. Seeing her again reminded us of so many old friends and good, sweet memories. I’ve lost touch with a lot of people, but

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Sunday Afternoon Cheesecake

Sunday was a busy one, but somehow in the midst of it all we pulled together a cheesecake.

I love finding my guys snuggled up to their favorite book: Fox in Socks.

Hubs recently traveled to Wuhan where he was able to pick up cream cheese and this hand held blender. Wow! Yes,

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Show Us Where You Live Friday: Dining Room Edition

Well, it’s Friday, but I’m not going to be able to slip away for my weekly bubble tea because we’re on day 2 of potty training.

We’re home. We’re focused. It’s going quite well, actually.

Kelly thought it would be fun to peruse through the dining

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I really just need to stop crying.

I’ve been trying to cry privately: during nap time, after bedtime, in the office, when Hubs is asleep, etc.

Today, I just lost it in the kitchen and started crying because I truly have no clue how much longer we will have to wait for our child.

Schäfer: Why are you crying? Me: I just

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Hot Wheels

This cool ride was zipping around downtown amidst taxis, public buses, cars and motorcycles. When he pulled into the park to called his travel agent, we could not resist snapping a pic.

I can’t decide if I like his skull and bones sticker on the head light or his Hong Kong license plate best.

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Sound Sleeper

heat + afternoon = rest