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Up Down Reunion

Foreign teacher Katie came through Yichang on her way to Yunnan. Obviously, it totally makes sense to come through Yichang when going to Kunming!

We first met Katie on Christmas Even 2004. Seeing her again reminded us of so many old friends and good, sweet memories. I’ve lost touch with a lot of people, but Katie is still in the loop and it was wonderful to get caught up.

On Monday evening, we hosted Katie, her Mom & sister in our home. We enjoyed chicken pot pie, hot German potato salad, cheesecake, brownies and snickerdoodles. (Hint. Hint. If you come to Yichang, we’ll cook all that and more!)

On Tuesday evening, we went to an old favorite: Up Down.

When Hubs and I first moved here, we lived at Up Down. I’m not kidding. We ate there for lunch and supper. Hubs translated their menu into English within our first week.

Having a baby changed all of that. For a while, Hubs would call in our food and ride the bike over to grab our take out.

Then the campus built a new restaurant plaza not even 100 feet from our apartment, so we found some new favorite dives. Ultimately, the plaza’s convenient location wins out over Up Down.

But on this rainy Tuesday night, we found ourselves at familiar Up Down once again.

Katie with friends

Tian is 5 months pregnant!

And now for the food:

tomatoes and eggs.

spicy potatoes.

pork and garlic.

green beans.

sweet and sour pork.

corn and mixed veggies.

caramelized apples.

The photo does not do this dish justice. The apples come to the table with the hot caramel sauce recently pored on top. The goal is to get to the apples before the caramel hardens. It’s a lofty goal.


Katie with her sister and Mom.

Katie – it was a blessing to see you again!

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  • You take such beautiful pictures of such interesting things – I bet you could do a great summer project 365, or even just do it for one month. I also saw a project online about taking a picture every day for the month of December to document the holiday season. If I make it through the summer, I might try that next. 🙂

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